Six Character-Themed Cocktails to Bring Your “Harry Potter” Celebrations to Life

Note: This article contains recipes for alcoholic beverages. MuggleNet does not encourage underage drinking. 


In honor of MuggleNet‘s 21st birthday, we’ve created this list of everything you would need to throw a Harry Potter-inspired cocktail party (even if only for yourself). From themed cocktail recipes to glassware to ice molds, you will soon be ready to party like it’s your 21st birthday. 


The Ginny and Tonks-nic

Ginny and Tonks are a dynamic duo who build on each other with their humor and fierce loyalty. So what could be better than the two of them mixed together in this take on a classic gin and tonic


This gin and tonic represents Ginny and Tonks


For some extra magic, try Empress Gin or Blue Magic Gin. This gin turns pink (just like Tonks’s hair) when mixed with the tonic. Add a blood orange peel as a garnish and a few drops of orange bitters for some extra Ginny flair. 


This gin turns pink when mixed with tonic

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Slughorn’s Crystalized Pineapple Potion

Does crystallized pineapple sound just as appealing to you as it does to this Potions master? Do you love hosting parties for your carefully-selected club of friends? Then this cocktail is perfect for you!


Slughorn's Crystalized Pineapple Potion


Everyone needs a little bit of liquid luck, so try this Felix Felicis shot glass to help you mix your drink:


A Felix Felicis shot glass to use for your "Harry Potter" themed cocktails

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Fleur’s Flowery French Cocktail

Complete with a flowery violet taste and mixed to a Beauxbatons blue, this cocktail epitomizes the classy French champion.


This flowery French drink represents Fleur Delacour


For extra elegance, try these flower ice cube makers at your next Beauxbatons-themed gathering:


This flower shaped ice mold can be used in a Fleur Delacour drink

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Dumbledore’s Lemon Drop and Honey Cocktail

If Dumbledore were to indulge in a cocktail, he would love this lemon-based drink. Dumbledore’s name means “bumblebee,” so a dash of honey is added for sweetness.


The Bee's Knees cocktail represent Dumbledore


As the Hogwarts headmaster, Dumbledore would show his school pride by drinking out of a glass with the Hogwarts crest on it. 


This glass has the Hogwarts crest on it

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Snape’s Forgetfulness Potion

 Are you looking for a cocktail to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses? How about one that you can drink moodily in black robes while pretending to be a Death Eater? Then this is the perfect potion to brew. 


This black martini represents Snape


To add to your Death Eater act, try these skull-shaped whiskey stones to keep your drink cool without watering it down. 


Skull-shaped whiskey stones can be used for your Death Eater themed cocktails

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The Weasleys’ Wildfire Whizbangs

Spicy and surprising, just like the twins, this red cocktail is sure to bring some excitement to your night. Add some ginger syrup to represent their hair, and finish it off with some freshly cracked jokes – I mean peppercorn. 


This cocktail is spicy, just like the Weasley twins


From nicking food from the kitchens to turning people into canaries, we always know that Fred and George are up to no good at the parties they throw. If you want to show people that you’re throwing a Weasley-twin-style party, try this shot glass for making your cocktails:


This shot glass says "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"

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And to emphasize the Marauder’s Map theme, how about setting your drinks out on these coasters?


These drink coasters look like the Marauder's Map

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You may be a cocktail person, or perhaps, like Mad-Eye Moody, you like your alcohol straight up, without any drink mixing. If that’s the case, try out this Polyjuice Potion hip flask – and make all your friends question if you are who you say you are. 


This hip flask makes it look like you're drinking Polyjuice Potion

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Whatever drink you choose, join us in raising a glass for MuggleNet’s 21st anniversary! Whether you are alone or quarantining with family or friends, it’s always good to take time to create something fun and celebrate. 


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