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Christmas Pudding 0

Christmas Pudding by Rita

Have you ever had an American fruitcake? Was it horrible? This is similar, but so much better.

Goulach 0


Inspired by Ron’s favorite (and then least favorite) professional Quidditch player, this dish is hearty and great for a winter’s night.

Eggnog 0


This eggnog recipe is thick and creamy with great spices. Hagrid might need a touch of firewhisky, though.

Shrimp Cocktail 0

Shrimp Cocktail

This is such a simple dish that it almost doesn’t need a recipe, but give this a go anyway.

Pumpkin Pasties Rita Mock-Pike 0

Pumpkin Pasties by Rita

Warm, packed with pumpkin flavor, and immensely satisfying, these iconic treats are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Plus, thanks to the fact that they’re encased in a delicious golden crust, they are super portable.


Chocolate Frogs

This recipe is surprisingly easy and sure to delight any Potterhead, but be careful! Don’t let them escape out the train window.