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We Didn’t Need the Americanized Versions of the “Harry Potter” Books

Americanizing books is still a common practice long after “Harry Potter” was released. But if, as readers, we’re able to take the whole wizarding world in our stride without ever having visited it, we should also be able to figure out that pudding is more than just a gelatinous treat and trainers are the same as runners.

In Memoriam: Jeannie Barresi

Jeannie Barresi, co-owner of Beyond Boundaries Travel and founder of HP Fan Trips, has passed away. MuggleNet commemorates her contribution to “Harry Potter” fans everywhere in a recollection of her achievements from those who knew her and attended her tours.

Road Trip Wednesday: Day Two – Gloucester, Lacock Abbey, & Stonehenge

From July 31st – August 11th 2013, three MuggleNet staff members went on a road trip of a lifetime – visiting Harry Potter filming locations all over England, Wales, and Scotland. Over the next 9 weeks they will be sharing their experience with you – the good, the bad, and the hilarious.

Their journey continues here, with Day Two – Gloucester, Lacock Abbey, & Stonehenge.