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Today’s Christian and the Famous Wizard


by Lauren Gragert Situation: My audience will be the conservative readers of Christianity Today. I am writing to inform them of the reasons why Harry Potter should not be thought of as Satanic and to assure them of reasons why their children should read the books. I remember the first time that I read Harry Potter. It was one of the most exciting fiction books that I had ever read. I was hooked instantly. Imagine my shock when two days later someone came up to me, looked at the book tucked under my arm and scoffed, “I thought you were a Christian.” What does a preference of children’s books have anything to do with your Christianity? Today’s Christian society is far to conservative when it comes to things like Harry Potter. We find evil things in Disney movies that could or could not be there on purpose, and then refuse to go see another movie done by Disney. We take a simple fairy tale and twist it into Satanic witchcraft and wizardry that leads to the Occult. Instead of taking things seriously and literally, conservative Christians today need to see what Harry Potter really is- a children’s imaginative story written to ... Read More »

Mental Health Benefits of Harry Potter

Harry Potter Books

by Jeff Stoyanoff While we all agree that reading any of the Harry Potter books is quite an enjoyable experience, I do not think that we all realize how it affects our mental health. Ask yourself: If I am sad/depressed and then read Harry Potter, do I feel better? I think that the answer you will find almost without exception will be: Yes, I do feel better. (Of course a possible exception would be after finishing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the hundredth time in eager anticipation for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to be released.) The wonderful story of Harry Potter, “The Boy Who Lived,” is inspirational and it acts as a source of positive feelings and happiness. I personally have recommended to friends having troubles their lives or are just feeling down that they should try reading the Harry Potter series. When a friend has taken my advice and read one of the books, or the entire series as it usually turns-out, he or she feels noticeably better afterwards. Am I saying that Harry Potter is a miracle drug for those who are depressed or have mental problems? Well, in the words ... Read More »

Harry Potter and His Ever-Devoted Fan

harry potter books

by Sarah Keeler I was excited, perhaps a little over-excited truth be told. It was July 7th, 2000 and the fourth book in the seven part Harry Potter series would be mine in just a few short hours. After almost a full year of waiting! My mother and I went to the grocery to buy “Pumpkin Juice”, “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans”, and “Chocolate Frogs” imitating the delights Harry and his friends enjoy around the table in the Great Hall. We then stopped by the craft shop to purchase plain white T-shirts so the guests at my party could decorate their own shirts to show fandom (this was at least a year before the big Warner Brothers Harry Potter merchandising frenzy) . At 10:00pm all of my fellow Hogwarts students had arrived. We were wearing our T-shirts and had created signs to wave at the bookstore including one with that days newspaper clipping which read, “Pottermania!” and showed a picture of the cover to an Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. A book we were all dying to get our hands on! I gleefully put on my “cloak” and unveiled my home-made “wand”. I practically skipped to the car. ... Read More »

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