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Brendan Gleeson on “Calvary” and his Irish background

Brendan Gleeson Calvary

An Oscar-worthy performance? Brendan Gleeson talks about his critically acclaimed role in "Calvary", and how he related to the character. Read More »

“Alohomora!” Episode 111: “Prejudice and Pride” – now available!


MuggleNet's global book club, Alohomora!, continues its reread of the Harry Potter series, as Hermione leads Harry and Umbridge into the Forbidden Forest. Join Eric, Michael, Alison, and special guest author Mindee Arnett as they discuss in Chapter 33 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, "Fight and Flight." Read More »

Severus Snape Airlines

snape thumb

Read More »

Daily Prophet-ic Politics

daily prophet

The Daily Prophet is an authority figure? Find out how nationalism, realism, and authoritarianism with the most popular wizarding newspaper! Read More »

Daniel Boringcliffe

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Imelda Staunton wishes for more rehearsal time for TV dramas.

Imelda & Michael

In a recent interview, Imelda Staunton has revealed that these days, not enough time is dedicated for rehearsals when filming television dramas. Read More »