Sorting “The Last Kingdom” Characters into Hogwarts Houses – Part 2

The story goes that the four founders of Hogwarts started a tradition of Sorting and teaching those with magical abilities during the Middle Ages. Around the same time, England was split into various kingdoms vying for power and striving to drive out their Viking invaders. The Last Kingdom is a historical fiction TV series (based on Bernard Cornwell’s books, The Saxon Stories) that traces many interwoven plotlines and endearing characters as these kingdoms are split apart and joined together.

Last week, I shared how I would Sort seven characters from The Last Kingdom into Hogwarts Houses. I’m back this week to continue this Sorting ceremony in preparation for season five.





Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and before his death, even Alfred doubted his son Edward’s ability to lead and defend Wessex. With threats to the stability of the kingdom bearing down from both inside and beyond, Edward struggles to prove himself worthy. In a way, it is the traits the young king shares with Uhtred that define him. Edward is a chivalrous and bold Gryffindor; he is quick to act without thinking, sometimes putting his people in danger.





Æthelflæd was chosen to lead Mercia not because she had some profound wisdom, and neither did she inspire her people with bold and impulsive acts or ambitions of wealth and glory. Mercians chose her because of her unwavering loyalty to them. She has spent years rising above her struggles in a disastrous marriage, proving to her people that she will never stop doing what is right and just for Mercia, even at the expense of her own happiness with Uhtred. Æthelflæd is a Hufflepuff.





We love a warrior nun on The Last Kingdom. Hild was an excellent addition to the show, and I hope to see more of her in the next season. Like Beocca, she has a strong, unbreakable bond with Uhtred and her god, which had me inclined to place her in Hufflepuff. However, she is feistier, braver, and more powerful than she looks. I see her as a Gryffindor who tends to have a calmer streak, much like Hermione and Dumbledore.





The abusive and unloving husband of Æthelflæd, Æthelred (played by Toby Regbo, whom you may also recognize as young Dumbledore in flashbacks in the Fantastic Beasts movies) decides to crown himself as king, threatening the relationship between Mercia and Wessex. He puts his people at risk while off pursuing glory in East Anglia, so hyper-focused that he does not even realize that his own capital Aegelesburg has been sacked. Æthelred would be Sorted into Slytherin due to his jealousy, ambition, and plotting.


Finan, Osbert, and Sihtric



Uhtred’s gang is made up of lovable bastards, outcasts, and ex-slaves with whom he has established a strong brotherhood. Finan, Osbert, and Sihtric stick together with Uhtred through great wins and costly defeats. They would never shy away from a good fight, but they aren’t foolhardy, either. Their staunch loyalty and proclivity for hard work would land them all in Hufflepuff House.





From the series’ beginnings, Brida has served as a foil for Uhtred. They share a similar background as Saxons raised by Danes, and they first appeared destined to end up together. They’ve been separated and reunited many times throughout the seasons, and while they’ve both dealt with loss, defeat, and slavery, Brida has emerged cold and hateful. Uhtred sees his destiny as reclaiming his rightful home, but Brida, a Slytherin, yearns only for power and revenge.





The final character to Sort is the hero of the series, Uhtred of Bebbanburg, also known as Uhtred Ragnarson. The man of two peoples has been pulled in many directions over the years, and he has shown both great cunning and cleverness and unyielding loyalty to those with whom he shares a bond. The traits that make him who he is, for better or for worse, are that of Gryffindor House: determination, courage, and recklessness. He can be difficult to rein in, but even the cool-headed Alfred the Great saw this daring fool as a friend and a man of honor.


What did you think of this Sorting? Would you have placed any of these characters in a different House? We’d love to hear your input!


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