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HP Fan Trips announces HP Quest Grand Prize Winner!

Nearly two months ago we told you about HP Quest, an online Potter scanvenger hunt brought to you by HP Fan Trips. Today, they announced the grand prize winner, who happens to have found out about the Quest through MuggleNet! Lucy Adams of Australia has won a trip for two to the HP Fan Trips' School of Wizardry, July 23-27, 2008 at Ford’s Castle in England. Congrats to her! For a list of the weekly winners, click the Read More link below. And lastly a reminder: HP Fan Trips' Equus and HP6 trip is selling out quick! For an all-in-one trip to see Equus on Broadway and Half-Blood Prince in the city, check out their site. Read More »

HP Fan Trips announce Equus/HBP NYC Trip

Our friends at HP Fan Trips have announced a really great trip for anyone who may be interested visiting New York City for two big Potter-related events this fall. From November 20th to the 22nd, join HP Fan Trips and fellow Potter fans for a weekend of seeing the Equus stage play starring Dan Radcliffe and the Half-Blood Prince film! Full details can be found right here. Read More »

Twilight author Stephenie Meyer talks Potter

The author of the wildly popular Twilight series recently gave an interview to MTV News and spoke about the connection between her books and the Potter series. She also speaks about the fandoms for both: “The interesting thing about the comparison is that I think you can compare my fans to her fans more easily [than me to her]. I do think that we both have people who are just really really enthusiastic, and will come miles to see you and be involved, and everybody really cares about our characters. But the [’Harry Potter’ and ‘Twilight’] stories are just so different.” We here at MuggleNet are well aware that several of you are big Twilight fans (a few of you finally gave in after hearing about it on MuggleCast so much). It may interest you to know that I was on the set of the upcoming Twilight film two weeks ago and released my set report just last week for movie site DarkHorizons.com. Read More »

HP Fan Trips presents HP Quest!

HP Fan Trips, who hosts Potter-centric trips to the United Kingdom, has teamed up with Alivan's to create a new FREE virtual journey for everyone: HP Quest. From their website: The object of the quest is simple – solve a series of weekly clues and you'll be able to register to win a variety of weekly wizarding prizes and a chance to win the School of Wizardry trip. Each week a new series of clues will be released. Participants solve the clues to discover new “destinations”/new website addresses. Fans must play each week to be eligible for that week’s prize drawing. Each website address provides the next set of riddles/challenges that need to be solved. Total number of clues imbedded in your website will be determined by the number of participating partners and the level of participation of each partner. The first weekly drawing was held today and will continue through April 25th. It all leads up to the Grand Prize drawing on that day: a trip for two to Ford's Castle in England. For more, be sure to check out their website, and don't forget about their special trip for MuggleNet fans as well! Read More »

Jim Dale to present at Portus 2008

We are very happy to break the news that Jim Dale, narrator of the US Potter books, will be presenting at HPEF's Portus 2008 this July! Portus representative Aziza Aba Butain talks about how excited they are to be hosting him: “We've just confirmed that Jim Dale, the amazing “reader” of all the HP audio books for the US , Broadway icon and the narrator of ABC's new hit series “Pushing Daisies”, will be presenting at Portus in July. This will be Jim Dale's first HP conference. We're all very excited and honored to have a guest so involved with the series be apart of Portus's Programming. Mr. Dale is quite the dynamic, accomplished speaker and we can't wait for Portus to arrive. Portus's monthly newsletter, The Portal, will be updating soon with the latest on Jim's programming. This will, undoubtedly, be a must-see conference for Harry Potter fans. We cannot wait to find out what Portus and Jim Dale have to offer! If you're interested in attending Portus, you must register! Visit Portus2008.org for more information. Don't forget, MuggleCast will also be hosting a podcast at the conference as part of their Podcast Palooza. This is one conference that ... Read More »

Magical Tours 2008 summer internship announced!

After considering more than 600 applicants, and then narrowing the field down to a group of 24 amazing finalists, MuggleNet and Magical Tours are honored to announce the winner of the position: Thomas Pardee of Salida, California! The alternate is Paula DeSeure of Kansas City, Kansas. Congratulations to both of these truly remarkable Harry Potter fans! Thank you to everyone who participated in voting as well. You were all an integral part of the decision! Read More »

Magical Tours 2008 Summer Internship Finalist Videos

Vote for your favorite candidate video today! Here's how to cast your vote (please, only one vote per person): 1) Check each candidate's video link on the right side of this page in the Poll area. 2) Watch all of the candidates and decide which person deserves and is most suited for the internship. 3) Come back to MuggleNet and vote! The competition was intense with over 600 amazingly qualified applicants from 21 different countries. After an exhaustive process, the top 24 finalists were invited to post video presentations on YouTube to be voted on by our fantastic MuggleNet fan base. Several factors will go into the final selection, but your votes on the video “campaign ads” will be major! Magical Tours plans to announce the winner and one alternate on February 21st right here on MuggleNet.Com. Magical Tours still has space available on their 2008 Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings tours, but some of the tours are almost filled. If you haven't made your summer plans yet, you should definitely check out their website here. Stay tuned to MuggleNet to find out which Summer Intern would be traveling with you! Read More »

Magical Tours Summer Internship still up for grabs

We've had a fantastic response to our offering the chance to work as an intern for Magical Tours on all their Harry Potter themed tours next summer. The application period has ended with over 600 incredibly qualified candidates from 21 countires! Every applicant who furnished a valid e-mail address will soon be notified of the preliminary results. 24 super-star finalists will qualify to post video presentations on YouTube by February 14th. MuggleNet will post the viewing links so our fans can help choose the best person for the job. We'll announce the name of the winner by February 21st. There's still space available on next summer's Magical Tours, so click here for all the details. Read More »

Video from Ace of Cakes featuring Hogwarts Castle

Yesterday we told you that the Food Network's Ace of Cakes would be doing a special last night on the Hogwarts Castle Cake from the LA Order of the Phoenix after party. DanRadcliffe.com now has the video online, and you can watch it over at their site. Thanks, Jenna! Of note to MuggleNet visitors, when you get to 2:38 you'll see Ben and Emerson behind one of the cake designer's right shoulder. Unfortunately, we were too afraid to touch the cake because of how well it was designed. Read More »

Magical Tours want YOU as a summer intern!

Once again MuggleNet is on the job with a new talent search. We are teaming up with Magical Tours to find the perfect intern for their 2008 Harry Potter-themed tours in Britain. The person selected will participate in all three Magical Tours itineraries – all expenses paid! Go here for full application details. Qualifying candidates will post video “interviews” on YouTube, and MuggleNet fans will be able to help decide who becomes the intern. If you're not interested in becoming an intern, but want to learn more about the tours, check out the great tours still available on Magical-Tours.com. Visit soon before all the limited spaces are filled! NOTE: If you are from outside of the United States you are still eligible to enter. However, please include your complete address in the box beneath your 200 word statement on the entry form. Good Luck! Read More »

Accio 2008 registration now open

You can now register for the Harry Potter conference, Accio 2008. The event will take place from July 25-27th in Magdalen College, Oxford, England. According to its website, “Accio 2008 seeks to enhance the appreciation of J.K. Rowling’s novels as works of literature in her home country. Paper presentations, roundtables, moderated panels, debates and workshops will evoke a lively, interesting and thoughtful discussion on the changes the Harry Potter novels have already made to our world, and on the potential for the novels to have a lasting influence.” Read More »

Harry Potter Alliance podcast available for download

A couple weeks ago, Emerson told you about the Harry Potter Alliance: a group of Harry Potter fans dedicated to saving Darfur. For those of you interested in hearing more information, a free podcast is available for download. The show features interviews and insight from world leaders on the subject, including leading human rights activist John Prenderdergast, and retired diplomat Joseph C. Wilson (author of The Politics of Truth: Inside the Lies that Led to War and Betrayed My Wife’s CIA Identity: A Diplomat’s Memoir). It features interviews, discussions, cameos, and humor bits from wizard rockers Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, The Remus Lupins, and more. Matthew Vines of Veritaserum talks about his experiences fighting injustice in Sudan. You can easily download the show by right clicking HERE and selecting “Save Target As…” Special thanks to PotterCast editor Matt for putting the entire hour-long show together. Enjoy! Read More »

Row in Israel: Harry Potter vs. the Sabbath

Israel's ultra-Orthodox minister of trade and industry has threatened to sue any shop opening on the Jewish Sabbath to sell Book 7. “We must put a limit on the desire to imitate other countries,” he told said. “It is inconceivable that numerous employees will be brought in to allow these events to take place and damage the spirit of Shabbat. I plan to file charges and fine anyone who violates the Hours of Work and Rest Law.” In spite of this, most Israeli bookstores are willing to face the ire of the religious community and are opening up at 2:01am (12:01am BST) to sell the book. Read More »

Harry Potter mentioned on Doctor Who

Several visitors have e-mailed about two humorous Potter references made on the most recent episode of Doctor Who. You can see both references at this link on YouTube. Read More »

Harry Potter on Lycos top 50

Lycos has recently released their list of the top 50 search terms for 2006. Despite having no new book or movie this year, Harry Potter remained on the list at number 40 which is a drop from its rank of 27 in 2005. Read More »

HP Fan Trips to take Radcliffe fans on Equus trip

Our friends at HP Fan Trips have asked us to remind everyone that there are only 10 days left to reserve a spot on their trip to London to see Equus (starring Dan Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths), Lady from Dubuque (starring Maggie Smith), and Wicked. In between shows on the six day trip, participants will tour areas of England where parts of the Potter films have been shot. For more information, visit this link! You can also read about the special MuggleNet fan trip right here. Read More »

HP guests at Collectormania

Leslie Phillips (voice of The Sorting Hat) has just been added to the guest line up for Collectormania GMEX, scheduled to take place in Manchester, England between the 18th and the 19th of this month. Jamie Waylett (Crabbe) and James and Oliver Phelps (Weasley twins) are also set to attend. Read More »

New hub on official Potter site

HarryPotter.com has been updated with a new Pensieve section, which holds several interviews, trailers, movie clips, and DVD extras. Thanks to Laura for the tip! Read More »

Scientists developing real life invisibility cloak

An invisibility cloak similar to the one Harry inherited from his father in the first book may not be far off from reality. Researchers in the US and England are laying out a blue print and collecting the exotic materials needed to build such a cloak. John Pendry, a physicist at the Imperial College London said, “Such a cloak does not exist, but early versions that could mask microwaves and other forms of electromagnetic radiation could be as close as 18 months away…. We will have a cloak after not too long.” Thanks to everyone who wrote in! Read More »