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Rare “Potter” book with Rowling illustrations fetches record price at Sotheby’s auction house

A first edition print of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone that had 43 pages covered with illustrations from author J.K. Rowling sold at Sotheby’s for 150,000 GBP (or close to $300,000 USD). It was a bidding war between two buyers as the auction raised a total of 439,200 GBP for English PEN, which campaigns for freedom of expression.


“Draw My Life” draws Harry Potter in new YouTube video

Antonius and Vijay generally love to entertain their fans with musical numbers on their YouTube channel, but this time they have created something more geared to those who love visual art… and Harry Potter! Check out this new video in which they draw Harry Potter’s life while singing along.


Book your Potter-filled trip this year with one of the amazing HP Fan Trips packages

HP Fan Trips™ still has space available for you to book one of the ULTIMATE Harry Potter-filled travel packages throughout the UK this summer and fall. No matter which tour you choose, HP Fan Trips™ gives you a “muggle backstage pass” to travel through time and discover the world of Harry Potter. You will be delighted with exclusive fan experiences that will make this one of the most memorable trips you’ll ever take.


Hear this: Muggle scientists invent extendable ears!

Hear, hear! Everyone has got to listen to this news. Muggle scientists may have recently created yet another product from J.K. Rowling’s magical universe – and we’re not talking about invisibility cloaks or Weasley clocks this time, but full-fledged extendable ears!


Local Severna Park youth build – and race – Hogwarts Express Go-Kart

The kids of Saverna Park, Maryland are pretty magical, don’t you think? A group of twelve kids from five families ranging in age from 8-14 have constructed a working Hogwarts Express Go-Kart, and yesterday raced it in the annual American Visionary Art Museum’s kinetic sculpture race – a 15-mile-long race across Baltimore.


Happy International Harry Potter Day!

Happy International Harry Potter Day! Today we celebrate one of the most iconic moments in the Harry Potter saga, the 15th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, and Voldemort’s defeat. It was on this day that the Wizarding community came together and made their stand against the forces of evil.

What if a Hogwarts professor taught your class? 0

What if a Hogwarts professor taught your class?

With every new school year comes new teachers or professors, and for many Harry Potter fans, it has become automatic to match each one with their Hogwarts professor counterpart. Student has come up with “12 types of lecturer according to Harry Potter”, including such varieties as “The arts professor”, “The PhD student lecturer”, and “The Oxbridge alumni”.


LeakyCon announces confirmed guests to both Portland and London conventions this summer

In a recent barage of tweets and announcements, we are pleased to echo the excitement of LeakyCon staff as they have just announced the guests that are confirmed to date for the LeakyCon Portland convention taking place June 27 to 30 at the American Pacific Northwest, and LeakyCon London, which takes place August 8 to 11 at the Grand Connaught Rooms.