17 Must-Have Items on the Hogwarts Supply List


Forgot that you go back to Hogwarts on Tuesday? Don't worry! We have all the school supplies you need to buy right here. Read More »

Emma Watson Attends “Regression” Premiere, Kicks Off Green Carpet Challenge

Alejandro Amenabar and Emma Watson the filming of 'Regression'

Emma Watson attended the world premiere of her new movie, "Regression", in Madrid this past Thursday, August 27 and has kicked off a new fashion challenge. Read on to learn more about her new effort! Read More »

Harry Potter: The Boy Who Corrupted Youth?


Flashback to 11 years ago. My ten-year-old self had just been told by another little girl that I was going to hell because I read "Harry Potter". This comment was followed by a list of ways I could repent and save my soul from the devil. Read More »

Book Review: “The Chessman” by Dolores Gordon-Smith

The Chessman Cover 2

"The Chessman" is the ninth book in the "Jack Haldean Mystery" series. Set in the 1920s, Jack, a detective novelist, is called in to help solve a murder case involving a body, a church, and a ton of lilies. When one murder spawns into many more, each marked with a chess piece, Jack must track down the serial killer before all his pieces are wiped off the board. Read More »