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“Winter at Hogwarts: A Magical Coloring Set” Proves a Charming Wizarding World Gift

As fun as coloring is, we did wonder at first if we needed yet another version of the “Harry Potter” adult coloring book. After all, there are already some really great ones on the market – and yet we found that “Winter at Hogwarts: A Magical Coloring Set” does manage to set itself apart from the rest.

“Harry Potter: The Artifact Vault” Is Here!

What with all of the “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” excitement this summer, it’s understandable if you’ve overlooked another recent release – “Harry Potter: The Artifact Vault”. Author Jody Revenson has previously brought readers into the world of “Harry Potter” sets, props, and costumes, and in this latest installment, she tackles iconic artifacts from the film series.