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MuggleNet Re-Reads Harry Potter

ss Gryffindors Illustrated

Wondering what to do with your free time in the next few months? Join us on a "Harry Potter" re-read! You know you want to! Read More »

Inside MinaLima’s “The Graphic Art of the Harry Potter Films” Exhibition

MinaLima Exhibit

Last night, the UK MuggleNet team braved the terrible British weather to attend the opening night of MinaLima’s exhibition “The Graphic Art of the Harry Potter Films”. The gallery was crammed full of Potterheads admiring the fantastic display of artwork that we have all grown to love. Covering every inch of the gallery’s walls, it would be impossible to detail every item of the exhibition, so here are a few of our favourite pieces from each film. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Upon entering the gallery, look down…and then up! All around the gallery you’ll find many of the Hogwarts acceptance letters sent to Harry Potter when he was living at Privet Drive. We were all impressed by the attention to detail for the exhibition, although not surprised considering the work we’ve seen from MinaLima. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Hidden away in a corner of the gallery is the Howler Ron Weasley receives from Molly Weasley after crashing the tree into the Whomping Willow. I’ve got to admit; I think I would be pretty scared to have the angry voice of Molly shouting at me while having breakfast! But for the brave Gryffindor’s among us, you can ... Read More »

Emma Watson Embraces Feminism with Fabric


On December 3, Emma Watson's 12-day long clothing sale on Vestiaire Collective will kickstart and help women in war-torn countries all over the world. Read More »

Muggles and No-Majs Rejoice: Big Wizarding World of Harry Potter News to Be Revealed!


If you've been attempting to use legilimency on members of the Universal Studios team that have been preparing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood for its grand opening, you can stop working so hard! Announced today on their official Twitter account, Universal Studios Hollywood will reveal some very big news regarding the opening of Hogsmeade in just one week. Read all about it here! Read More »