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Boats to Hogwarts SS feature image 1

Magical Must-Haves for the New School Year

Excited for your upcoming trip to Diagon Alley? Forget your official Hogwarts shopping list and take this one instead! Here’s everything you need to ensure you’ll get the same grades as Hermione Granger!

Rupert Grint 2

Rupert Grint Snatches a New Series!

We’re a bit giddy with excitement over the announcement of a new series for Rupert Grint! Check out what he’ll be doing for his next project, in addition to his starring role on Sony’s streaming television service, Crackle!

Feature Image for DIY Leather Wand Sheath 0

DIY Leather Wand Sheath: Part 2

Learn to make a rustic leather sheath and some basics of leather-crafting in the second part of the DIY Leather Wand Sheath saga!

Imperium Daniel Radcliffe new poster featured image 2

New Poster of Daniel Radcliffe in “Imperium”, Plus Q&A!

Daniel Radcliffe’s latest role is a little different to ones that have come previously – something we’ve come to expect from Daniel over the years. For his upcoming film release, Daniel shaved his head and explored a darker world, playing an undercover FBI agent. In an interview with the “Hollywood Reporter”, Daniel spoke about the role in “Imperium”.