Book Review: The Chessman by Dolores Gordon-Smith

The Chessman Cover 2

"The Chessman" is the ninth book in the "Jack Haldean Mystery" series. Set in the 1920s, Jack, a detective novelist, is called in to help solve a murder case involving a body, a church, and a ton of lilies. When one murder spawns into many more, each marked with a chess piece, Jack must track down the serial killer before all his pieces are wiped off the board. Read More »

Book Review: “The Trumpet-Major” by Thomas Hardy


Thomas Hardy was a master of crafting tragedies that deliver powerful feelings of gloom, doom, despair and thoughts of self-harm, wrapped in haunting language and sun-dappled, open-aired imagery. Read More »

Harry Potter Alliance Joins the Copyright Coalition


The Harry Potter Alliance is joining the Re:Create Coalition in order to protect fan-created works. Read More »

Dr. Dumbledore Will See You Now


Taking a quick glance at the Headmaster's decision-making through the lens of developmental psychology. Read More »