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HBP extras casting

Casting for extras in the sixth Harry Potter film, Half-Blood Prince, took place in Gloucester recently where many young students lined up before the casting team. Marketing manager Sharon Bird said: “The whole experience becomes a huge part of school life and children really enjoy being part of what is probably the biggest movie series in history.” Best of luck to those who tried out! Read More »

Happy birthday Molly Weasley

JK Rowling has updated her official website wishing Molly Weasley a happy birthday for October 30th. Happy birthday, Mrs. Weasley! Read More »

MuggleCast #117: Butterbeer by the Keg

Ben returns to our Harry Potter podcast this week and there's so much discussion, it requires a lot more than just one pint of butterbeer. Laura, Micah, Eric and I join Ben in going over everything JK Rowling revealed at her book reading last week at Carnegie Hall, including: - Dumbledore is gay – initial thoughts from the hosts! - Eric gives us a full report on MuggleCast LIVE in Australia! - We go over each of the questions answered at the October 19th reading in NYC. - Andrew, Laura, and Micah talk about meeting Jo. (Yes, life is now complete.) - Should Jo have revealed Dumbledore's sexuality? - Why does it matter, and why is it front-page news? - The hosts become quite opinionated when it comes to fans who act as though Dumbledore being gay tarnishes his character. All that and much more comes in this very entertaining and important episode of MuggleCast. We want to warn listeners that this episode does contain mature discussion and nothing within the show should be taken personally if it were to offend you (which we're pretty sure it won't). With that said, we recommend subscribing for free in iTunes if you're ... Read More »

Potter actors show support at benefit concert

As reported earlier this week, Patrick Doyle's “Music from the Movies” was held tonight at the Royal Albert Hall to benefit Leukemia Research with several Harry Potter actors in attendance. Kenneth Branagh (who directed the event), Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Robbie Coltrane, Imelda Staunton and Mike Newell all turned up to show their support. Photos are now available via Getty Images. Read More »

More info from HBP filming in Lacock

UPDATE: New photos have appeared on BuzzNet.com where you can see actors Michael Gambon (Dumbledore) and Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) on this set! Our friends at Leaky have been receiving various reports from readers who have visited the on-location filming of Half-Blood Prince in Lacock: Ettie writes that “the part I saw was the walk to, and entry into the house. They did about 6 takes. When I left they were shooting them leaving the house, and you could hear Slughorn's voice agreeing to take the job and demanding a pay rise. Inside the doorway I could see a white staircase and light blue walls. Michael Gambon was really nice and took a moment to walk over and speak to some of the children and parents watching the set. He asked if everyone was cold and said he was freezing. He was wearing the gray robes he has worn before in other Potter films. Daniel was wearing trainers, T shirt and jacket.” For more information from the set, click here. Filming continues through Saturday morning and we'll continue to bring you new information as we receive it. If you have any filming reports for us to post, please e-mail them ... Read More »

Potter actors to support Leukaemia Research

Harry Potter actors will come together to attend Patrick Doyle's “Music from the Movies” at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday, October 28th. Featuring music from the Goblet of Fire composer, the event will be held in aid of Leukaemia Research. Doyle is himself a leukaemia survivor and will join the London Symphony Orchestra and London Symphony Chorus for this very special performance. The event will be directed by actor Kenneth Branagh, who played Professor Lockhart, and supported by other Harry Potter actors including: Emma Thompson (Professor Trelawney), Alan Rickman (Professor Snape) and Robbie Coltrane (Professor Hagrid). Others in attendance will include Richard E. Grant, Sir Derek Jacobi and Dame Judi Dench. These stars will introduce some of the greatest film soundtracks of all time. To take advantage of a special ticket offer for as low as £10, use the code “2639″ when calling the Royal Albert hall box office at 020 7589 8212 or by visiting their website. Read More »

Half-Blood Prince location filming begins

The Wiltshire Times has a nice report from the first day of on-location filming for Half-Blood Prince, which is set to be released on November 21st, 2008. The scene involving Harry and Dumbledore going to visit Slughorn is the scene the crews are working on, and Dan Radcliffe is scheduled to be on set. From the report: They painted a number of houses and put up brown tape on some properties to imitate wooden beams. Residents in Church Street have been asked to black out their windows with blinds during the nighttime filming. A giant light was set up behind Cantax House to flood the street in artificial moonlight and crowds gathered to watch what was going on. A member of the film crew said: “The light will look like moonlight and it is made up of lots of smaller lights inside to give that strong effect. The Wiltshire Times also has a photo gallery from the make-shift set, and you can check those out (with nice captions) right here. Thanks to Daniel and Jamie for the tip! Read More »

Thewlis talks about Dumbledore

David Thewlis, the actor who plays Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter series recently did an interview while promoting his new book, “The Late Hector Kipling” in Toronto for the International Festival of Authors. One of the questions he answered was in response to the recent news concerning Dumbledore's character, saying he initially believed Lupin to be gay: “The funny thing when Alfonso Cuaron directed 'The Prisoner of Azkaban,' the first film that I appear in, he had the idea that Lupin was gay and he described my character like a 'gay junkie.' And of course Lupin turns out not to be gay because he marries Tonks and has children.” Thanks to Tonya and Susie for sending this in! Read More »

Jimmy Kimmel parodies Emerson *** VIDEO ONLINE!

UPDATE: The clip is now online on YouTube. Thanks to everyone who have been sending clips in! We've heard from fans that a skit aired last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live parodying MuggleNet founder Emerson Spartz's interview last Saturday on At Large with Geraldo Rivera. We would love to see the clip, so if you recorded the show, send me an email at ben at staff dot mugglenet dot com and let me know – even if you don't know how to transfer it from your DVR/Tivo to your computer. Thank you! Read More »

HBP filming in Gloucestershire Cathedral

Gloucestershire Cathedral, the backdrop for Hogwarts scenes in the first two Harry Potter movies has just been confirmed as a filming location for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Additionally, students from local schools, King's, Crypt and Denmark Road will be invited to audition for roles as extras in the film. There is no news yet as to when these scenes will be filmed. Thanks to Roxy for letting us know! Read More »

Emerson Spartz on Geraldo tonight – VIDEO ONLINE

The MuggleNet founder will be a guest on At Large with Geraldo Rivera on FOX tonight, Saturday, Oct. 20, at 7:30ish (the producers said he would be on during the second half of the show). He will be discussing the ramifications of Jo's revelation as to Dumbledore's sexual orientation. UPDATE: The video is now available. Read More »

No Percy in Half-Blood Prince?

Chris Rankin, the actor who plays Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter films, recently gave an interview to New Zealand's TV3. Chris talked about, in particular, what it is like to be a part of the Potter franchise and also mentioned that it is “unlikely” that his character will be in the upcoming Half-Blood Prince movie, although he is still hopeful that he will return for the final installment of the series. Read More »

Photos of Jo from New Orleans reading

Here are the first photos of JK Rowling at today's US Open Book tour reading in New Orleans. Jo offered some advice to aspiring writers: “Read a lot. And write what you know.” We'll hopefully know more soon. Remember that Jo's next reading will take place in New York City. Read More »

Night scenes for HBP to film next week

The National Trust village is set for filming to begin there next Wednesday for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince According to the Wiltshire Times, the area will be used to shoot night scenes involving actors Dan Radcliffe and Ralph Fiennes, as well as some Death Eaters. “There has been a lot of preparation going on and they have been doing things to the outsides of houses on Church Street. Filming will occur between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. with the cooperation of local residents. Thanks to Joe for sending this in! Read More »

JKR discusses fates and faith

In two new articles with MTV, JK Rowling discusses just how much she revealed to the trio prior to the release of Deathly Hallows. Jo states that, whilst none of the actors explicitly asked her for information, “[she] told all of them little bits,” adding that Emma “nearly fell off the chair laughing” when she heard of a storyline regarding Hermione. Dan Radcliffe, however, experienced the downside to being 'in the know' as, in telling his school friends he knew the ending of Deathly Hallows, he was immediately “besieged and started to panic”. The second article focuses on the somewhat controversial issue of Christianity and its place in the Harry Potter series. “To me [the religious parallels have] always been obvious,” Jo says, proceeding to discuss how it was inevitable that there would be religious references in the books as “they're very British” and so religious quotes and imagery would naturally be encountered by the characters due to the setting. When it comes to commenting on her own beliefs, Jo says, “I go to church myself [but] don't take any responsibility for the lunatic fringes of my own religion.” Read More »

Crescent City eager to welcome JKR

Jo will continue her Open Book Tour on Thursday at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans in front 1,600 students at 10:00 a.m. The Times-Picayune reported earlier today on the importance of Rowling's visit to the city, which is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina, quoting various student essays that were submitted in order to attend Thursday's event: “J.K. Rowling is also an inspiration to everywhere, but especially New Orleans. She is proof that if you try hard enough, you can, like a phoenix, raise from the ashes to a marvelous life.” “When Hurricane Katrina was rolling in the Gulf of Mexico I immediately thought of taking my Harry Potter books with me. I knew wherever I was headed or how long I was going to be away from home, being back at Hogwarts with Harry, Hermione, and Ron would bring back comforting memories of my childhood. As always check back throughout the week for the lastest on Jo's book tour. Read More »

Happy Birthday Professor Flitwick!

As it is now October 17th in the UK, JK Rowling's official website has been updated to wish our favorite Charms teacher a Happy Birthday! Read More »

Additional reports from Open Book Tour

Additional reports from JK Rowling's LA stop on her Open Book Tour are emerging online. JK Rowling was greeted with a standing ovation from the 1600 school students who were lucky enough to attend the reading at the Kodak Theatre. “It wasn't like this when I was a teacher. If it had been, I might never have left.” However, despite leaving teaching to write, JK Rowling praised teachers saying “Good English teachers are worth their weight in gold.” The Los Angeles Times reports that though JK Rowling doesn't know what genre she'd like to pursue next, she does want to continue writing, which is ironic as JK Rowling claims no one in here family thought writing was a “sensible thing to do” growing up. Lucky for us, she didn't let that stop her! Check out the article and we'll post more as it becomes available! Thanks to Jessie Murray for the tip! UPDATE: MTV has an interesting report with a few new bits of fan reaction and information concerning Snape: Earlier, Rowling said she was particularly pleased with how Snape's story played out throughout the course of the series, contrasting his character arc with that of Dumbledore. “Although [Dumbledore] seems ... Read More »

Rowling opens tour in Los Angeles

Jo Rowling opened her U.S. Book Tour earlier today at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, California reading an excerpt from the seventh Potter book (Chapter 3: The Dursleys Departing) to roughly 1,600 eager listeners. She then took 12 questions from the audience before signing copies for all in attendance. Reuters reported that JKR is enjoying her time away from meeting deadlines and has yet to start on the much anticipated Potter Encyclopedia. She even confesses Harry will be a tough act to follow: “I want to fall in love with someone the way I fell in love with Harry. I never think about a particular genre. It is all about the story and the characters, but it has to be something I adore.” We will post the questions and answers from today's reading as soon as they become available. Read More »

Los Angeles media begin book tour coverage

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling begins her open tour of the United States at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. The local media is already beginning to cover her visit to the United States. A small piece was done on the tour opening earlier this morning on FOX 11 in Los Angeles. Thanks to Maris and Michelle for the clip! Be sure to check back for more updates throughout the next week as more news develops from all of Jo's readings! UPDATE: You can also check out this clip from the local ABC affiliate. Read More »