Two more Half-Blood Prince TV spots air tonight (updated)

UPDATE: The second spot that was previously seen in lower quality can now be seen in much better quality right here on YouTube. Thanks to Brandon for the tip! We've received many e-mails tonight from viewers reporting two new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince television spots! The first one, which can be seen right here on YouTube, aired on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. It includes lots of new footage! The second spot was recorded in lower quality but includes some great new Quidditch footage among other things. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed! Read More »

New Half-Blood Prince TV spot with fresh footage appears

A Potter fan captured a new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince television spot that aired last night. It's not the best quality, but you can see it right here on YouTube. The spot includes several quick new clips of the trio, Hagrid, and Slughorn! Thanks to Ameno, hpfan, and Snitch Seeker for the tip. Read More »

Five new Half-Blood Prince pics from Warner Brothers

It's a weekend treat! Warner Brothers has just passed along five photos from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Three of them are behind-the-scenes, and one is a lovely portrait: – Preparing to film at The Burrow – Harry and Dumbledore outside Slughorn's house with crew – Director David Yates walking through a library hallway – Harry and Slughorn at Slughorn's Party with crew – A beautiful portrait of Hermione Read More »

New Half-Blood Prince banners appear in L.A.

The slightly different Half-Blood Prince promo poster we showed you Sunday for an upcoming French train tour has made its way to Los Angeles, CA and now appears alongside the film's villains on at least one billboard. Images of this large and exciting banner can be found here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 This banner is located outside the Promenade at Howard Hughes Center mall in Culver City. Thanks to MuggleNet reader Andrew W. for the tip! Read More »

Emma talks Burberry, featured in Seventeen

We told you a few days ago that Emma Watson recently kicked off her first big advertising campaign with Burberry. In a new behind-the-scenes video, Emma discusses her history with the Burberry clothing line. Additionally, Emma is featured in the July issue of Seventeen magazine where she discusses her career and her role in the Potter series. You can check out scans from the magazine here courtesy of Snitch Seeker. Read More »

Hardwick Hall could serve as Malfoy Manor

The Telegraph is reporting this morning that Warner Brothers recently visited Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire to see if it was “suitable to feature” for use in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. A spokesman was quoted as saying: “It's certainly true that they have been to look but we are awaiting for confirmation. There's no guarantee that they are coming and, even if they did use it, it wouldn't be until next year.” One could speculate it would be used for scenes at Malfoy Manor. Thanks to Val for sending this in! Read More »

EA releases Nintendo DS trailer for Half-Blood Prince

As mentioned yesterday, Electronic Arts has opened a brand-new Facebook page gearing up for the release of the Half-Blood Prince video game. EA is continuously posting content to this page, including today, releasing a trailer for the Nintendo DS version of the game. You can check it out right Read More »

David Heyman says HBP is no darker than OOTP

In their latest newsletter to members, the UK cinema chain, Showcase Cinemas, released an exclusive interview with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince producer, David Heyman. In it he gives a brief but exciting snapshot of what we can expect from the sixth movie. When asked about the darkness of the film David said, ‘I don’t think it’s any darker than the fifth. I really don’t. I think it’s on a par with that.’ Talking about the overemphasis people place on the darkness of the films Heyman stated that, ‘Everybody obsesses with the darkness but ultimately I think that what it is, it’s very accessible, moving, funny and exciting.’ You can watch the clip here. Read More »

Evanna Lynch discusses role as Luna Lovegood

In a new interview with Irish Central, Evanna Lynch, the actress who plays Luna Lovegood in the Potter series discusses her character and her role in the upcoming Half-Blood Prince film. “Luna doesn’t change but her position changes in this new film. Most people are aware of her reputation for being crazy. She’s certainly picked on by the other students.” She also goes on to talk about her aspirations for performing in London's West End, the lessons she has learned and a potential Dumbledore-Luna relationship (in an alternate universe, of course). Thanks to David for sending this in! Read More »

MuggleNet reader report from Half-Blood Prince train tour

Last week we told you about a new European Half-Blood Prince train tour being hosted in several areas to promote the film's release. Thanks to MuggleNet reader Nia, we now have a great written preview of the train tour after she checked it out in Dublin this evening: Just came out of the Tour and it was very interesting. There were some costumes and props. They had Dumbledore's costume, some of Harry's clothes and Slughorn's outfit including cloak. They also had the wands of these characters, Harry's Firebolt and the Sorting Hat on display. The email we were sent said we weren't allowed to take photos which was disappointing. Read more – including her thoughts on the Half-Blood Prince video game demo they had – at the link below. Read More »

Half-Blood Prince video game hits Facebook

Tonight, Electronic Arts has made us aware of a brand-new Facebook page launched for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince video game. To find the fan page, do a simple search within Facebook for “Harry Potter Videogame” (or just go here). Then click on “Become a Fan.” This page will be updated frequently between now and the launch on June 30, so make sure to visit frequently! Read More »

BBFC: HBP will run 153 minutes, rated 12A

The British Board of Film Classification has confirmed today an earlier report that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will have an official run-time of 153 minutes. The film has also been given a 12A rating, the equivalent of PG-13 here in the United States. Thanks to Leaky for the tip! Read More »

Winner of London Half-Blood Prince sweepstakes announced

Back in early May we told you about a nationwide sweepstakes that would reward one lucky fan with a trip to London's Half-Blood Prince premiere. That winner has now been announced: Penny Lewin of Chicago! You can see an interview with the winner on NBC Chicago right here. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed with the tip! Read More »

Coverage: French Half-Blood Prince train tour

Yesterday, Bonnie Wright, the Phelps twins, and Tom Felton helped kick off the French Half-Blood Prince train tour that we told you about on Sunday. There is a variety of media online from the event that we'd like to share with you: – the BBC has video interviews with the cast and a video tour of the train. You can see some of the sets from Half-Blood Prince that were created, including some puking pastilles! – fansite Oclumencia has photos from the press line of the cast who attended – interior photos of the train, which allow you to see various props and sets, can be seen here Read More »

Michelle Obama and children to visit Potter set today

Back in January we told you that the Obama kids were invited to the Potter set by Dan Radcliffe himself. Today, it looks like they took up that invite! The Daily Mail is reporting that they'll be on the set today with their mother, First Lady Michelle Obama: The girls, both avid Potter fans, are expected to meet Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and the other stars of the movie. The family will get a private tour understood to be conducted by Joshua Berger, an American who heads Warner Brothers UK. He donated more than $33,000 to various Democrat election funds last year. A source at Pinewood Studios said: 'It’s all been very hush-hush. Only a few people have known about the trip and they are going to pull out all the stops to make sure they have a good time.' Read More »

Emma Watson becomes new face of Burberry

UPDATE: Perez Hilton has a couple more photos of Emma's modeling work right here! This is London is reporting this morning that the actress who plays Hermione has kicked off her first major advertisement campaign with clothing company Burberry: “Having known and admired the lovely Emma Watson for quite some time, she was the obvious choice for this campaign,” said Burberry's creative director, Christopher Bailey. “I wanted the images to represent the rich history and modernity of Burberry while reflecting a quiet beauty, timelessness and strength that is particularly significant today. Emma has a classic beauty, a great character and a modern edge. Her charm, intellect and brilliant sense of fun made the whole shoot feel like a picnic on the Thames.” He added: “I felt Emma would be strong enough to hold the campaign as the only girl, and I loved the idea of her being surrounded by these young, cool British guys.” Read More »

Half-Blood Prince out in IMAX July 29?

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal has confirmed (free subscription required) that this is legitimate, although they say not all IMAX theaters will have to wait until the 29th. EDIT: As of now, this is NOT confirmed, but we'll keep you posted on official word. While Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be out in theaters July 15, fans will have to wait until July 29 to see the movie in IMAX , according to a report from TV Watch Online. Jeff from TV Watch Online emailed IMAX and got this response: Basically what happened is IMAX Corporation signed a contract with Paramount guaranteeing them a 4 week exclusive window if they filmed parts of Transformers 2 with IMAX cameras onto IMAX film (something that is quite a bit more expensive). Unfortunately that was back when Harry Potter was due to open November 2007 and when Warner Bros. pushed back the opening date Paramount was not willing to renegotiate the contract it had signed with IMAX. Read More »

JK Rowling attends Raisa Gorbachev charity gala

The Daily Mail has photos online of our favorite author attending the Raisa Gorbachev charity gala in London last night. Jo is looking beautiful! The purpose of the Raisa Fund, according to their site, “is to raise funds to improve the treatment of children suffering with cancer in Russia”. Thanks to Sonam for the tip! Read More »

New French Half-Blood Prince poster

A new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince poster has been released for the French train tour coming up next week. It is similar to the previous one, but Harry, Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore are looking in a different direction. Thanks to Ryan for letting us know! Read More »

Dan, Emma and Rupert annoy Jason Isaacs

Not really. While at the first night of Sister Act on the West End, actor Jason Isaacs, who plays Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, joked that Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint “should have rebelled” to create some controversy. It would be so great for the press if one of them would go off the rails and end up in rehab, but they are, actually, just really sweet guys. Read the rest of the article here. Read More »