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Tribute to the Magic Tree Bookstore

Ownership of the Magic Tree, an independent bookstore in the western Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Illinois, is changing hands. MuggleNet held two “Harry Potter” book release parties in coordination with the Magic Tree and has compiled stories and details of the Magic Tree’s impressive 30-year existence.


“Alohomora!” Episode 131: “Slow Your Roll” – now available!

MuggleNet’s global book club, “Alohomora!”, continues its re-read of the “Harry Potter” series. It’s time to return to Dumbledore’s office for the second lesson involving the story of Yyoung Tom Riddle! Join Kat, Rosie, Eric, and special guest author Melinda Salisbury as they discuss Dumbledore’s actions and meet the future Lord Voldemort for the first time, in a discussion covering Chapter 13 of “Half-Blood Prince”, “The Secret Riddle.”


Universal Orlando Diagon Alley to pick up Thea Award this weekend

You might remember a little while ago that we posted the exciting news that the Universal Orlando Wizarding World of Harry Potter is going to receive a Thea Award. The award will be given to the theme park by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) as part of the annual TEA Summit this weekend.