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Helena Bonham Carter talks confidence and body image


We have all come to know that Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange) has her own independent style, seeming confident with what she wears and how she looks, knowing that's all that matters. But in a recent interview, she's admitted that she didn't always think this way. Read More »

Shooting survivor Cassidy Stay quotes Dumbledore at memorial

Cassidy Stay

On July 9, fifteen-year-old Texas native Cassidy Stay witnessed the unthinkable - her uncle murdering both of her parents and four siblings. Her remarkable resilience at a memorial earlier this week has inspired people around the world. As she spoke tearfully about her family, Stay quoted none other than Dumbledore. Read More »

UPDATED: J.K. Rowling visits Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Japan!


In a press release from Universal Studios Japan and Warner Bros., it was revealed that prior to the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Japan, author J.K. Rowling previewed the park. Take a look at what she had to say about the newest WWoHP! Read More »

The winged stars of “Harry Potter” to appear this Sunday at Duthie Park in Aberdeen

Hedwig owl

Two owls who appeared in the first "Harry Potter" film will help raise environmental awareness at a family fun event this Sunday in Aberdeen. Read More »

Zoë Wanamaker talks “Potter”, technology, and invisibility cloaks in new interview

Zoe Wanamaker technology

In a new interview, Zoë Wanamaker talks about "Potter", technology, and which magical gadget she wants replicated in the Muggle world. Read More »

Updated: Check out the “Horns” teaser poster!

Horns Teaser Poster_Featured

We've been posting about "Horns", starring Daniel Radcliffe, for over a year now, and with the film's release coming up in September in the US and October in the UK (plus Dan making an appearance at this year's SDCC!), the teaser poster for the film has finally been released! Read More »

Updated: Coverage of the grand opening at Universal Studios Japan commences with a special report


MuggleNet's special corespondent from Japan, Jay Mohri, attended a special preview engagement on Monday night to begin the celebration of the grand opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan. Read More »

“Harry Potter” in running for book bench in London’s Books About Town project

Harry Potter book series

"The Guardian" is hosting a poll on which London-based novel you'd like to see immortalized in a book bench, and "Harry Potter" is in the running! Read More »

Evanna Lynch discusses life after “Potter” in new interview


Evanna Lynch recently sat down with Tanya Sweeney at Independent.ie to discuss her life after starring as Luna Lovegood in the "Harry Potter" film franchise, including her work with UNICEF and her budding career as a yoga instructor. Read More »

Enter to win a home screening of “The Price of Kings”, narrated by Helena Bonham Carter


Residents of the UK have an exciting opportunity to win a home screening of the new documentary "The Price of Kings" thanks to the "Independent Study". The documentary is narrated by Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange). Read More »

Magic, Mischief, and Madness: MuggleNet’s report from the grand opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley

WWoHP DA Dragon

Did you miss the grand opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley? Never fear! Our report will fill you in on all the excitement and magic! Read More »

Jason Isaacs, Jim Broadbent discuss new roles and acting

Jason Isaacs_Dig

Jason Isaacs has a lot to say about his upcoming miniseries, "Dig", in which he plays an FBI agent who uncovers a conspiracy. Meanwhile, Jim Broadbent discusses various aspects of acting. Read More »

“Alohomora!” Episode 92: “McGonagall’s Verbal Smackdown” – now available!


MuggleNet's global book club, "Alohomora!", continues its reread of the "Harry Potter" series by discussing Chapter 15 of "Order of the Phoenix": "The Hogwarts High Inquisitor." Join hosts Caleb, Kat, and Michael and special guest host Megan of Magical Menagerie and Matthew-Lewis.com as they discuss the latest act of Ministry meddling at Hogwarts. Read More »

Katie Leung’s “One Child” miniseries gets air date


Katie Leung (Cho Chang) is starring in a new two-part miniseries entitled "One Child", and the miniseries has just received a release date! Read More »

First trailer for Dame Maggie Smith’s “My Old Lady” released


The first trailer for Dame Maggie Smith's (Professor McGonagall) upcoming film "My Old Lady" has just been released. She stars alongside Academy Award-winner Kevin Kline in this new dramedy directed by Israel Horovitz. Read More »

Bulgaria and Brazil go head-to-head in Quidditch World Cup final


Pottermore Insider presented live coverage of the Quidditch World Cup final today as Quidditch Correspondent Ginny Potter and Gossip Correspondent Rita Skeeter reported from the Patagonian Desert in what proved to be an exciting match. Read More »

Updated: Raise your wands in memory – Actor Dave Legeno passes away at 50

Dave Legeno1

Actor Dave Legeno who portrayed Fenrir Greyback, has passed away - fans and Dave's "Harry Potter" cast members react to the news of his death. Read More »

Special video interview: MuggleNet talks with star and “Potter” fan Jim Curry from the upcoming fantasy show “The Quest” on ABC


"The Quest" is a new hit reality show set to air on July 31, 2014, on ABC. One of the contestants, called Paladins, is MuggleNet fan and Quidditch star from the University of Arkansas, Jim Curry. MuggleNet's Keith Hawk discusses the fandom and the show in this new interview complete with clips from the upcoming show. Read More »

Costume Designer Jany Temime on designing costumes for “Potter”


Bringing the "Potter" films to life involved lots of work behind the scenes, as I'm sure you're well aware. Jany Temime was a costume designer for the "Potter" films, from "Prisoner of Azkaban" onward. Jany has also worked on the "Bond" films and "Gravity". In a recent interview, she discussed creating costumes for characters and gave advice for aspiring costume designers. Read More »

UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Daniel Radcliffe to appear on “The Kitchen” this week

Daniel Radcliffe foodnetwork

Daniel Radcliffe will be making an appearance on the Food Network's "The Kitchen" this week! Find out the details here. Read More »