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Jason Isaacs Performs Greek Tragedy for Veterans

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Jason Isaacs (known better to most of us as Lucius Malfoy) has joined the Theater of War Project, which presents readings of the Greek tragedies "Ajax" and "Philoctetes" in the United States and Europe, aims to de-stigmatize the trauma of war by presenting these ancient plays to contemporary audiences. Read More »

5 Good Reasons it is Important to Re-read “Harry Potter”

Why it is Important to Reread HP IMAGE

The iconic series was spectacular the first time around. Why not read it again? Here are 5 reasons why you should! Read More »

Emma Watson Leads the “Incredible Women” Issue of Porter Magazine


Emma Watson will be leading the "Incredible Women" issue of Porter Magazine, that celebrates hundred incredible women who have made an impact in 2015. Take a look at the cover featuring Emma here! Read More »

Within the Ministry

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A look into the Ministry Departments and their jobs! How well do you know the Ministry? Read More »