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New book explores Potter’s impact on Millennial generation

According to, a recently released book titled Harry Potter and the Millennials takes an interesting look at how the Harry Potter series has impacted the generation that grew up with the books and films. According to the findings in the book, fans of the boy wizard participate more in political activities than non-fans.


Discussion topic: Why does the Internet hate on Hufflepuff House?

So this post has been a long time in coming, so please forgive the following rant: Just yesterday, MuggleNet made posts on social media about Cedric Diggory in remembrance of his passing June 24, 1995. Harry Potter fans know the alternate Hogwarts Tri-Wizard contender was murdered by Peter Pettigrew when he and Harry were teleported to the Little Hangleton graveyard via portkey.


Joe Moses on StarKid, LA, pandas, and JMOMS

Joe Moses (who plays the Potions Master in the StarKid productions) took some time out of his very busy schedule to chat with MuggleNet’s Kat Miller and Laura Reilly this afternoon about his upcoming tour – The Joe Moses Showses.