Quibble: “Latin and Ancient Greece: Not-So-Dead Languages and Cultures in Harry Potter”


This week's quibble discusses the names of several "Harry Potter" characters. The author of this quibble argues these connections should cause "Potter" to be thought of as Epic literature - what do you think? Read More »

Is there more than meets the eye between Neville and Snape?

occlumency lesson

In this week's quibble, one author takes an interesting look at the relationship between Neville and Snape. Was there a greater reason for Snape's hatred of Neville? Read More »

Did house-elves evolve to become slaves?

Our next Quibble of the Week was submitted by frequent essay writer Abbii, and her next piece is yet another quibble about the enslavement of house-elves. In her essay, Abbii wonders just why it is that these creatures became servants worldwide, and after theorizing several ways in which house-elves could have evolved to become what they are, she comes to the conclusion that humanity may have actively constrained house-elf identity over the centuries. Remarking the odd way in which the creatures use the english language, (regarding themselves and other elves in the third person), Abbii draws some startling conclusions about house-elf identity. She writes, “..they may be forbidden to speak of themselves in first-person, since that use would indicate that they have a sense of self, of individuality, of identity that does not relate to their masters…is this symptomatic of and identity and society crushed by its overbearing masters?” Abbii goes on to note in her quibble that there is no evidence in the series of elvish art, of house-elves having any cultural myths or legends, or even having their own language other than languages spoken by humans. So, given all of this evidence, how much of the house-elves enslavement ... Read More »

Could Bellatrix have had a child by Lord Voldemort?

Our next "Quibble of the Week" titled "Bellatrix's Secret" comes to us from Melissa, and she poses a very interesting question. Considering her dark, flirtatious nature, her undying loyalty to the Dark Lord, and her possible dissatisfaction with married life, is it possible Bellatrix and Voldemort were ever more than master and death servant... resulting in a child? Read More »

Quibble of the Week: “In Defense of the Dursleys”

Our next Quibble of the Week comes from Abbii, and like many other essays we've featured on the main page recently, this one also deals with character redemption. Now, it's a fact that the Dursleys mistreated Harry in his early years, as well as the summers he was away from Hogwarts. But have we, as fans of the boy wizard, judged these misinformed Muggles too harshly? Read More »

Quibble of the Week: “The Deification of Severus Snape”

Our next Quibble of the Week submission comes to us from Glovebox, and she believes she has some controversial things to say about the much beloved character Severus Snape. Read More »

Quibble of the Week: “O Children: An Ode to Harry and Hermione”

Did Warner Bros. work their movie magic too much when it came to Harry and Hermione? Read More »

Quibble of the Week: “The Indictment of Cornelius Oswald Fudge”

Our next Quibble of the Week comes from Ben Lamoureux, and he has endeavored to put Cornelius Fudge on trial for his crimes against humanity, and the Wizarding World at large. Read More »

Quibble of the Week: Do house-elves ‘like’ being enslaved?


Is it possible that house-elves, at large, do not want to be free, and that Hermione Granger was doing some kind of social damage by trying to make them so? Read More »

Quibble of the Week: ‘Did Albus Dumbledore sacrifice James and Lily Potter in order to stop Lord Voldemort?’


Could Dumbledore - the brain that he is - have been the mastermind behind Voldemort's original downfall? Did he arrange the Potters' sacrifice for the greater good? Read More »

Quibble of the Week: ‘Harry Potter and the Nerdy Feminist’


Is Harry Potter a feminist text? One MuggleNet reader thinks so. Read More »

MuggleNet Editorial: The Scottish Wish List

In light of the pending Pottermore announcement, MuggleNet Editorialist Lady Lupin is back with a great piece where she runs down her list of hopes for a "Harry Potter" Encyclopedia. Let us know in the comments what you think of her wishlist and what YOU would like to see! Read More »

Media reference MuggleNet editorial in parallels between “Potter” and death of bin Laden

With recent world events, several news outlets, including "Reuters", are reporting on the parallels between the "Harry Potter" series and the downfall of Osama bin Laden. They specifically reference a piece written by MuggleNet editorialist Bob Sindeldecker in his Department of Mysteries section back in 2004. Read More »

MuggleNet’s Essay of the Month: The Adventurous Song

As promised, one essay submission would be highlighted every month on the MuggleNet homepage. This month's selection is entitled The 'Adventurous Song': Why Harry Potter is Epic Literature", and it was written by Helena, exploring the degree to which J.K. Rowling follows in the footsteps of Homer, Milton, and even J.R.R. Tolkien.

Read More »

Still itching to write about the “Potter” series? MuggleNet launches brand-new Essay Section

Have a lasting theory about the Harry Potter series even though the books are done? In our editorial section the conversation continues! Added recently by staff members Noah and Kyle,'s new Essay Section allows fans to defend crack-pot theories, analyze and discuss specific segments of the text, and comment on Potter as it's perceived in society (in 2,000 words or less). Read More »

Hogwarts Professors I Have Known

Professor Lupin

by Robbie Fischer The Harry Potter novels are filled with marvels. Flying cars, invisibility cloaks, mirrors that show you your heart’’s desire, and many other magics fill our minds with wonder. Forbidden potions, screaming books, angry dragons, and unforgivable curses give us the creepy-crawlies. And what thrills can compare to playing Quidditch on flying brooms, dueling with magic wands, and exploring the secret depths of a haunted castle? Yet even among all these wonders, the characters remain the richest treasure of all. Such is JKR’’s gift. I think the characters are the reason we enjoy all the other magical entertainments of the Harry Potter series. Without characters you care about and believe in, the other details would be but preposterous gimmicks. You can enjoy them because you sympathize with the characters. You sympathize because you recognize them as people you know, either from your real life or from the life you have dreamed for yourself. I have known quite a few characters from the Harry Potter stories. Particularly, I recognize some of the professors at Hogwarts as teachers I have met in real life. I had a teacher like Professor Lupin once. Actually, I’’ve probably had several teachers like him: ... Read More »

The Potter Generation


by Erin H. I first met Harry Potter as an eight-year-old. I can still remember the rush of reading Sorcerer’’s Stone for the first time: wondering why there were all the owls and strangely-dressed people in Chapter One; marveling at the first description of Dumbledore; and being as astounded as Harry was by Hagrid’’s visit to the cabin at sea. It was a world of new and amazing people and things. I was astonished at all of Ron’’s knowledge about the Wizarding World; I saw a bit of myself in Hermione; and I loathed Snape just as much as Harry. I wished I could try Bertie Bott’’s Every Flavor Beans, Drooble’’s Best Blowing Gum and Chocolate Frogs. Most of all, I hoped that an owl would bring me a letter addressed in emerald green ink inviting me to Hogwarts, where I would change animals into objects, take care of baby dragons, and fly on broomsticks. Since that first adventure into Harry’’s world of magic and mischief, I’’ve been hooked. My copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’’s Stone is well worn from eight years of use because, of course, it’s been read many more times than I can count. Still, with each installment of ... Read More »

Ron is NOT an Idiot


by Berylla Chubb After I first read the Harry Potter books, I joined the online community (mainly here at MuggleNet) and I have never stopped being amazed. The wealth of inspiration that J.K. Rowling has created with her books, especially in fan-fiction, continues to astound me. However, as I dived headfirst into the sea of theories and possible scenarios, I noticed a trend that had developed that I found a little disturbing. In many of the writings I’ve seen, one character, Ron, is continually portrayed as a lazy idiot who makes bad grades, never understands anything that’s going on, and has the manners and personality of a troll. Now don’t get me wrong. There are several humorous moments in canon that happen at Ron’s expense and give some credence to this idea. When we first see Ron at King’s Cross, his dear mother chooses that moment to clean dirt off his nose in front of his teasing brothers and all of his future classmates. Later he tries to perform what turns out to be a bogus spell on his pet rat and makes himself look silly. In COS, Ron suffers through the entire year with a broken wand that leads to some ... Read More »

Teachers Hatin’

harry potter books

by Maxie Kalish So, you love Harry Potter. You think it’’s the owl’’s hoot. Your English teacher, who just had an extensive, in depth conversation with you about The Catcher in the Rye, is not feeling the love. Or even the like. Welcome to my life. You can take the friends laughing at you, even the random weird stares for wearing a towel to school because you decided to dress up as Winky. Now, however, you have encountered the absolute worst type of hater: the teacher. My honors 11 English teacher, whom I love very much, made me angry with this particular conversation: English Teacher: We will be reading Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy. I absolutely love his work and I eagerly await each of his new books to come out. Random girl in English class: like Harry Potter! English Teacher: I like to think that we’’re above Harry Potter. May I point out that I am in an American Literature class, and she is having us read contemporary Pat Conroy, who does not even deserve to breathe the same air as Jo? (I’’m just being plain old mean now.) When it comes down to it, with whom does the power lay ... Read More »

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!


by Heidi J. This editorial is for all those HP fans who are also Lord of the Rings fans. Wouldn’’t it be interesting to see Voldemort and Sauron go head-to-head? Two of the most powerful antagonists in fantasy literature duking it out for the title to “Most Formidable Enemy.” So let’’s take a moment to make a fantasy leap of our own and imagine who would come out on top if Voldemort and Sauron crossed paths while they were at the height of their powers. I guess it’’s possible that if Voldemort and Sauron happened to meet, they could just decide to make an alliance of sorts. After all, while Sauron is after domination of all Middle Earth, Voldemort has made it clear that his ultimate goal is immortality. It’s possible that he could simply turn to Sauron for help in achieving his quest. Sauron, after all, is immortal in a sense. (And Sauron would readily agree to such an alliance. He has manipulated immortality-hungry humans before– it led to the downfall of Númenor.) However, I think that Voldemort has a large share of that thirst for power, and sooner rather than later, it would end up in a full-blown ... Read More »