Book Review: The Mark of the Thief by Jennifer Nielsen

The Mark Of The Thief Featured

"The Mark of the Thief" by Jennifer Nielsen follows the adventures of Nic, an escaped slave in ancient Rome who learns he has been gifted magical powers from the gods. Quite on accident, he steals a bulla (a medallion-like seal) that used to belong to Caesar, befriends a Griffin, and makes enemies of many of the most powerful men in Rome. Read More »

Pottermore update hints that new and exciting things are to come!


Today Pottermore underwent an update resulting in many changes, and they also revealed that users can expect to see new chapters coming very soon! Read more about the changes and what is yet to come! Read More »

The meaning behind the animals of Hogwarts Houses: the Hufflepuff badger


Each of the Hogwarts houses are associated with an animal emblem along with their house colors. While the similarity between Gryffindor’s house values and the bravery of lions is one of the more obvious connections when it comes to these mascots, I wanted to explore how all of the houses' traits are represented through the emblems they were assigned. I’ve already posted my research about Gryffindor’s lion and Ravenclaw’s eagle, so up next is Hufflepuff’s badger. I myself am a good old loyal Hufflepuff, so I will try to refrain from writing a novel about this fantastic house and it’s mighty badger. Read More »

Firewhisky arrives at Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter!


Last Friday night, the Hog's Head pub at Universal's Islands of Adventure, along with the Leaky Cauldron at Universal Studios Florida, began serving Blishen's Firewhisky to theme park guests looking to try something with more of a kick than Butterbeer. Read More »