The humble beginnings of the Wizolympics date back to the land of Ancient Greece, just like its Muggle counterpart, where a myriad of magical events have challenged and entertained the wizarding community for centuries. Now, thanks to the British Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, MuggleNet has exclusive access to coverage of the Wizolympics!

We have numerous updates from both the 483rd ½ Winter Wizolympics Games in Sochi as well as the 502nd Summer Wizolympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, all compiled here for your reading pleasure. Relive the anticipation and excitement of past games, and we’ll be back to cover any and all Wizolympics news in the future!

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2014 Winter Wizolympics: Sochi

MuggleNet Presents: Wizolympics Sochi 2014

Announcing the 483rd ½ Wizolympics: Sochi 2014

Day 1: WWN Report

Day 2: Dragon Wrangling Qualifying Round

Day 2: Snow Shoveling (Squib Games)

Day 2: Dragon Wrangling Final Round

Day 2: WWN Report

Day 3: Snowmen Battle Qualifying Round

Day 3: Snowmen Battle Final Round

Day 3: Snowball Fight

Day 3: WWN Report

Day 4: Doxy Baiting Qualifying Round

Day 4: Snowball Fight

Day 4: Doxy Baiting Final Round

Day 4: WWN Report

Day 5: Bob Sledding

Day 5: Snowball Fight

Day 5: WWN Report

Day 6: Yeti Toss Qualifying Round

Day 6: Yeti Toss Final Round

Day 6: Snowball Fight

Wizards Responsible for Muggle Olympics Sabotage Located, Brought to Justice

Day 6: WWN Report

Day 7: Wand Skating

Day 7: Snow Shoveling (Squib Games)

Day 7: WWN Report

WWN Special Report: Ludo Bagman Leaves Russia

Day 8: Frozen Quadpot Qualifying Round

Day 8: Frozen Quadpot Final Round

Day 8: WWN Report

Day 9: Ice Fishing Qualifying Round

Day 9: Ice Fishing Final Round

Day 9: WWN Report

Day 10: Unicorn Capture Qualifying Round

Day 10: Unicorn Capture Final Round

Day 10: WWN Report

Day 11: Cliff Stunning Qualifying Round

Day 11: Cliff Stunning Final Round

Day 11: WWN Report

Day 12: Skrewt Sledding Qualifying Round

Day 12: Skrewt Sledding Final Round

Day 12: Snow Shoveling (Squib Games)

Day 12: WWN Report

Day 13: Wizard Curling Qualifying Round

Day 13: Wizard Curling Final Round

Day 13: WWN Report

Day 14: Avalanching Qualifying Round

Day 14: WWN Report

Day 15: Ice Course Qualifying Round

Day 15: Avalanching Final Round

Day 15: Ice Course Final Round

Day 15: WWN Report

Day 15: Snow Shoveling (Squib Games)

Day 17: Closing Ceremonies